be my baby! Cherry meets HANON

be my baby Cherry meets HANON
名前はJourney / ジャーニー。
販売日時: 2020/07/30 PM9時。

HANONとのコラボレート チェリーちゃんです。
書籍[Doll Sewing Book Hanon Arrangement]でモデルとして掲載してます。



be my baby! Cherry ‘Journey’ will be sold on July 30, 21:00 (Japan time) on bemybaby!Cherry onlineshop.
Only domestic shipping is supported. These will be not available on my onlineshop.

There were plans to sell it in Taiwan, South Korea, Tokyo, and online, there are four types of outfits, but all events have been canceled because of COVID-19. The dolls will be random. For details on products and sales, please visit Miyuki Odani's online shop page.